Life Of My Life: Naomi

Naomi – 8 days old

newborn baby photos“Vida de mi vida” or life of my life, is one of those phrases you end up using everyday, like I love you, it can easily lose its meaning. Last week when my baby was born I finally understood how deep those words are. The pain of the birth, the 9 exhausting months, my body changes, and many of the worries of life after pregnancy disappeared and life took on a whole new meaning. 2 days after my anniversary, Naomi was born in Miami at 2:33AM. A healthy baby, a new life, and a part of me and my husband who immediately stole both of our hearts.

One week ago everything was so different, one year ago even more so… this new life is also creating a new life for me and my husband… new routines, a whole new perspective… everything is changing! It can be overwhelming only if you are afraid of change. But life is about changing and evolving. I can only say that the love I have felt with the birth of Naomi brought a new meaning to my inner self. Every day is now a surprise, every moment unpredictable, every second a gift.


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My Garden Baby Shower

Baby shower cake decor carolina benoit shower This weekend my mom threw me a beautiful baby shower, it was amazing because I have never felt so much love surrounding me. My mom’s idea was to have everyone bring a personal quality that they see in themselves and that they would like to pass on to the baby. Some of the words my friends wrote made me happy to be surrounded by amazing women that I truly love!

Something that was amazing as well was that when Hen and I wrote our personal quality, we both wrote “Curiosity” without knowing what the other was writing. I cried while thinking maybe soul mates do exist, and he, my friends, my mom and my family are my soul mates.

This baby is already so loved by all her honorary aunties and uncles, I couldn’t feel more at peace and happy.

baby shower decor pink girlBaby shower decor by carolina benoitbaby shower decor baby shower outfitI wore a Free People dress, pearled sandals and a Henry Bendel feather headband. pink and gold baby shower baby shower surprise Baby shower outfit carolina benoit pink and gold decorbaby shower gold and pink girl A special thank you to my mom for throwing me a beautiful and meaningful baby shower and for passing on one of her most beautiful qualities to my baby: compassion.

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{ Valentine’s Gift Guide } – Girlfriend Edition

what to buy your girl friend on valentines I know Valentine’s day can easily become the most annoying holiday of the year, but I prefer to embrace it. I’m a lover of roses, chocolates and pink, who would want to pass on these things? Also, V-day is a great day to show the special people in your life how important they are. I put together a list of 6 gifts for girls! Whether you want to wrap one of these for your bestie, or share it with your special someone so they get some ideas (wink-wink!) I Hope these inspire you! I’m already crushing over a couple of these!

1. For the Jewelry lover, Please Don’t Tell Necklace: $118

2. For the fashionista in your life, Miu Miu Sunglasses $415

3. For the hopeless romantic, Rebecca Minkoff Heart Bag $195

4. For the philantropist, Feed (red) bag, $80

5. For the bohemian, Please Don’t Tell Quartz Ring, $66

6. For the traveler, Tory Burch espadrilles, $185

Happy Valentine’s Day! What are your plans for the day of love?

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Lipstick Matching

red dress leather jacket pregnancy look for babyshowerI wore: Michael Kors Shoes, Bcbg Dress, Please Don’t Tell Vegan Leather Jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch Bags, Rayban Sunglasses.

As I mentioned before in “how I styled my belly” post, it has become increasingly difficult to dress, specially modestly, without shopping for maternity style clothes. The fit of my body is completely different, however, I discovered that wearing layers is key to looking more slim, both for pregnant women or for when we are carrying extra pounds.

This is a great outfit for a work related event, I ended up wearing it for Fashion For Breakfast in Soho House. The dress’ fit is very boxy, therefore easy to wear after delivery. Although I would have loved to dress up this outfit with heels, I have been avoiding them during pregnancy for two reasons, first, I look like a confused T-rex walking with them, and second, I really don’t want to get spider webs, or a broken heel! After all, I’m carrying 28 pounds more than my body is used to!

carolina benoit pregnancy style Pregnancy style bcbg shower outfit

For the beauty lovers, one of my designer friends suggested that this outfit would be incomplete without a matching pout! Love the perfect match between makeup and dress! It’s the exact same color and it gives the outfit a fun touch! I wore Mac Morange lipstick, and a touch of Naked blush bronzer on the cheeks! For a perfect “Miami winter” look.

miami blogger carolina benoit pregnant wearing bcbg and mac

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{Gift Guides} V-Day Bestie Edition

Under $100 Valentine's Day Gifts for your friends1. Please Don’t Tell Pastel Bees Necklace $55 (use code FRIENDS for a 15%off)

2. Amazing Grace Fragrance  $18.00

3. Sugar Paper Gold Dot Notebook $18.00

4. Triangle Gold Earrings Please Don’t Tell $14.99

5. The Little Market Rose Candle $24.00

6. Shop mini heart clip $10.00

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, what a better way to celebrate than with our best friends? To me, they are my world, and although I’m not always gifting them or calling them, I find Valentine’s a special date to send my friends a little love! I put together this super affordable guide of gifts under $100 so you can find small things to gift your closest friends on the day of love and friendship!

Ps. Coming up, our V-day guide for couples!

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Maternity Photo-Shoot

Carolina Benoit Maternity PhotoshootI know there are women who absolutely love being pregnant, and I wish I could have been one of those overly inspired types who find gorgeous clothes and an admiration for their pregnant body. For me it wasn’t that easy. Giving up all my clothes, my weekly champagne and lots of my favorite foods has been a true challenge. I have learned to share my body, and although I might miss my pregnant state soon, i’m not so secretly happy for the next step. Impatience and anxiety are building up as the date approaches, and I can’t wait to meet my baby!

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 presetOne of the obvious steps of pregnancy is the classic maternity photo-shoot. Although I wanted to remember this stage of my life, I didn’t want to fall into the kitschy roller coaster of hearts in my belly, beach shots, or “couples in denim” photo-shoot. At the same time, I have to confess that it was really difficult to come to term with my changing beauty. I didn’t feel like this body was me, it was difficult to find clothes and I felt fear, what if I looked at the photos and I didn’t like what I saw?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAfter struggling with my lack of confidence, I decided it was time to stop beating myself for not looking like a pregnant celebrity. I put my best make-up, my Peroni competition dress, and headed to my mother’s home, which is full of romantic gardens. The photos came up exactly like I wanted: classic, ethereal and romantic, yet timeless. I also love that I wore one of my own designs, it will be a way to show my daughter a part of my essence and dreams.

The official countdown starts now! The baby can come any minute! Wish me luck. I would love to hear your experiences of birth or pregnancy, leave me a note below, or send me an email, I would love to hear any words of wisdom or mommy advice for this very new and special part of my life.

All photos by: Devlopz

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My Girl’s Nursery Inspiration Board

nursery mood board mommy bloggerAs the baby’s arrival approaches, I can’t help but to feel excited about creating a space for her! And I’m so lucky to have a blank canvas with our new apartment to be inspired and do whatever I want. At first, I wanted to stay away from the traditional pink but I couldn’t help myself! I managed to not go crazy with pink, and keep the decor traditional adding only touches of the blush color.

The main inspiration for the room was the Natalia Swarz  elephant illustration and a vintage gold frame mirror from my mom. I went for tones of gold, beige an blush pink, with touches of french gray. The room was painted with China White paint from Benjamin Moore, which adds warm and light. I can’t wait to show you the final result very soon!

Decorating Style

Romantic, Vintage, Feminine, Clean, Golden.

Project Details

From top to bottom:

– Pink and gold tassel: Studio Mucci

– Elephant Illustration: Natalia Swarz

– Anthropologie Hand-painted globe: Anthropologie

– Restoration Hardware Mobile & Bedding: Restoration Hardware

– Rocking Lamb: Costco

– Pottery Barn Rocking Chair

Favorite Items

I love the Anthropologie hand-painted globe.


Create a color palette you love and then slowly start to buy pieces, making sure they are part of a story. Buy big pieces first, then add decorative touches later.





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Baby Products I Love!

Sloth Anthropologie baby giftsIn the Jewish tradition we don’t buy baby stuff until the baby is actually born. I feel that it is a way to protect ourselves in case something unexpectedly goes wrong. It is a beautiful tradition, however, with the due date approaching and nesting instincts that are nearly driving me nuts, it hasn’t been easy to stop myself from planning some of the stuff I want or need. I created an Amazon list under the name of Please Don’t Tell Mamas with all the “must haves” for 1st time moms or friends looking to buy something for a new mommy. I hope all of you find this list useful! You can easily copy it into your own registry, and trust on the good reviews of all items :). Please note that I didn’t add a crib, changing table, sheets and other essential items which I don’t recommend buying on Amazon.

I also find that as a first time mom it is very easy to get lost buying unnecessary stuff, so I tried to trim down my list by asking friends, my mom and reading blogs. However, there are some pieces that I’d like to splurge on because they are simply so beautiful! Below, find my not-so-necessary picks:

Baby things to splurge on best baby stroller1. The Restoration Hardware birds mobile is so romantic! I know it doesn’t have colors and sounds, but I really find it so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself! $129.

2. Aden + Anais Wash-cloths: Absolutely love the fabric, and although I have no idea what these are for (yet), it is always good to have some little towels at hand. $20

3. I really love this Olivia Plush Toy. I know newborn babies won’t even look at plush toys and are more attracted to sounds/rattles etc, but I think this doll is so cute! Plus, if you are actually buying plush toys, this one is for all ages and not furry. $28

4. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag: There is a reason why this diaper bag is a best-seller. It is very spacious and well designed. Since you will be wearing your diaper bag almost every day, you might as well choose one that is classic and at the same time easy to pair with all of your clothes. $298

5. Bugaboo Stroller: The design of this stroller is amazing! Also, it is a great walking stroller, so if you live in a city I totally recommend it. However, if you travel a lot or have to constantly move from the car back home, I recommend a stroller that is easier to carry. I loved this stroller because of the great design, both aesthetically and in usefulness. $1300

6. The cuteness of the Elegant Baby Towels! I know, you can get much more cheaper towels, but these are so cute and soft! From $44

Hope you liked my picks and find the Amazon list useful!

Photos by Devlopz + Plush toy from Anthropologie.

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How I Styled My Belly

How to dress your belly 6 months and up by Carolina BenoitI wore: Please Don’t Tell vegan leather jacket, Please Don’t Tell dress, Please Don’t Tell Necklace and Brandy Melville hat

During my first months of pregnancy I was constantly frustrated because of my lack of style! Since I have a small waist and torso most of my closet was made of high-waist A-line skirts and tops, which as soon as I hit 2 months pregnant I couldn’t wear. Just imagine not being able to wear anything on your closet! I needed to find clothes that were comfortable and that I could wear throughout the pregnancy. I came up with 3 tips for pregnant girls that can also apply to any of you when you are not feeling super confident about your body (or when you truly have nothing to wear!)
Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset1. Wear elongating base pieces: Think of pieces that are fitted but not Kim K fitted. I looked for garments that are extremely comfortable, with no prints, in base colors like black, gray and blue. I really loved these dresses from my store, because of the price ($14.99) and also because I was able to wear them with any layering piece. I looked for stretchy and breathable jersey garments that showed my belly and were super comfortable.

2. Always wear a layering piece: A layering piece will be essential to taking you from sloppy to dressed up and it will also help balance your body. Since I have big hips, a jacket or a sweater always helped in creating balance. I also think that during pregnancy our backs start to look different and as soon as I hit the 3 month mark I started to slowly lose my waist and gain healthy weight, so the only way I could cover up and look more sartorial was pairing all outfits with layering pieces.

3. Accessories and beyond: Fashion people know how to accessorize perfectly! I was never an accessories girl, but pregnancy has pushed me to wear them everyday. When you are wearing simple pieces, no high heels, and comfortable clothes, your outfits can easily look very boring! This is when accessories come in. Never wear too many pieces at once, but wear one or two pieces that make a statement. For this outfit I wore a Brandy And Melville hat, and a necklace from my store in fun pastel colors.Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetAt last, the moment I started to accept my changing body during pregnancy it was much easier to dress up and feel good! I think these tips will be great for anyone whose body is going through some changes, or who’s looking to re-vamp their style!

All photos by Devlopz Photography

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It’s A…

flower wall pregnant blogger lifestyle blog modest pregnantI wore: Please Don’t Tell Dress and necklace, A&F leather tote, Kate Spade glitter sneakers. Photos by Yuval Sani.

The big news: My baby is a GIRL! Which made me extremely happy! I always dreamed of having a little girl!!! The moment I found out, I screamed and jumped and couldn’t believe that G-d was giving me such a big gift, a dream come true…

But as the days passed I realized I have an even bigger responsibility. My little girl is coming into a world where women are still being abused, and in many countries, second class citizens. A world that claims feminism is coming back, but publishes images of women as sexual objects non-stop, and a world where women enter their teens confused and focused solely on their body image and not building their minds… slowly fear settled in and I decided to write my girl a letter on the 5 things I want her to know:

style the bump fashion grafitti1. Love Yourself: We hear this so much that we forget what it actually means. Loving yourself means to treat yourself with respect, to accept your body as it is and to give yourself the best of everything. It means you should never harm your body in any way, treating it as a temple and eating healthily. It also means you should never waste your time. Life is a little precious gift. The biggest hope I have for you, my baby, is to love yourself deeply, so you can love others and give the best to the world.

2. Dream big, but keep it real: My generation is a generation of dreamers. Everywhere I go I hear the phrase “Follow your dreams”. While this is a beautiful mantra, you can’t go following dreams without a realistic plan. Dreaming with no plan will bring you deep sadness. A big part of dreaming but keeping it real is being humble. Be humble and know when your dreams are crossing the line and becoming an obsession. Always be aware of when your dreams are not working and be flexible enough to take a new direction. Don’t stop dreaming, but know that dreams need planning, dedication, flexibility, courage and a very strong heart.

3. Be beautiful inside first: You are born beautiful… don’t let the world tell you otherwise. If your body doesn’t fit the mold of your era, don’t let that become an obsession, if it does fit the standard, don’t let that become an obsession either. Beauty is false, and can make you blind to the real essence of people. Don’t be confused by your looks or other people’s looks. Always see beyond both and you will find real beauty. Also, act beyond your looks and people will see your true beautiful self.

4. Your gender won’t define you: Don’t let any stereotype on your gender, religion or race define you. You will be a woman, Jewish, and Latin and these, or anything else you decide to add, won’t define your life. What will define your future are your actions. Don’t forget where you come from and respect your heritage, understand it fully, keep it close. The day will come when someone will try to define you or challenge your views, be proud of them. Always be proud of being a woman, be proud of being Jewish, be proud of being Latin.

5. You are mine, but you are not: The moment I found out I was pregnant I felt extremely jealous. I didn’t want to share you with anyone! After all, I have been sick, throwing up, and doing all the hard work! The truth is that although you are my first baby and you are a part of me, you are also free. I would love to keep you close to my soul forever protected, but in reality you are free to go as you like. I’m telling you this because if you believe in your freedom, no one and nothing will make you its prisoner. If I could leave you to be free, you should know that you are free of everyone and everything in the world.

5 tips if you are having a daughterFinally I can’t wait for you to be here! You have brought me happiness beyond anything I can explain, and you have brought me peace in a heart that was always restless. You are also part of my dream come true, since more than anything in life, I always longed to have a family, you are my gift.