Our $100 Gift-Card Winner!

Thank you so much for participating in our amazing B-Day week! We had so many new customers and amazing friends sharing, and sending us beautiful notes about our store! I’m so happy and plan on continuing growing Please Don’t Tell, introducing more designers, sizes, and styles!

Cropped JOA navy top for less at please dont tell shop{Photo by Simply Lively, hats by Gray Fox Hat, Top By Please Don’t Tell – Available in all sizes, Vegan Leather Skirt - Only 3 left, Model Micaela Strongoli}

We have a winner for our $100 gift-card giveaway! Congrats: Karen Hello! We have sent you an email. Should our winner not respond within 7 days we will choose a second winner at random with our rafflecopter app :)

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At last, our MAD ABOUT YOU SALE and 20% off Sale continues until 12:oo AM today. Don’t miss it! Score some great deals!

store sale at please don't tellAgain thank you so much! it was so much fun sharing with you our B-day! Have a happy weekend!


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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 4 – Refer A Friend!


please dont tell referal Today is day 4 of our B-Day Party! I know we are a secret society of stylish girls dressing with pieces under $100 but looking like a million bucks, but this secret is too good to keep it ourselves! All you have to do is Click Here, create an account, and then sharewith a friend or on Facebook and both of you receive a $15 gift-card just for spreading the love!

Also, our awesome MAD ABOUT YOU SALE is still going on, don’t miss it!  The sale ends tonight at 12 AM. Visit www.pleasedonttellshop.com and fill up your cart <3 All pieces under $100 and great discounts make shopping very easy!

store sale at please don't tellLast but not least! Our $100 gift-card giveaway winner will be picked on Sunday with our raffle-copter app! Enter today, maybe you are the lucky one!

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Thank you so much for the amazing support! I’m so happy to see you all sharing our giveaway photo on Facebook/Instagram and writing beautiful things about the store! I’m even more happy helping you style your outfits and share with you the birthday (birth-week) of my business! Thank you!!!

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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 3 – Mad About You SALE

store sale at please don't tellThe celebration continues! Today is our MAD ABOUT YOU SALE!
$25 OFF When you spend $100………………… code 25for100
$50 OFF When you spend $200-$299 ……….code 50for200
$100 OFF When you spend $300-$399 ……code 100for300
$150 OFF When you spend $500+++ ……….code 150for500

Visit the website: www.pleasedonttellshop.com and shop till you drop! I hope you are loving our B-Day Party!

***Side note: I will be absent from tonight until Sunday because of the holiday, all my posts are scheduled, so please keep in mind that shipping as well as emails and comments will resume on Sunday***

Also our $100 giveaway is still going on, enter below!

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Please Don’t Tell B – Day Party Day 2 – Our Story

Happy B day to my blog! Carolina Benoit Miami Blogger and shopWhat makes you successful? To me success comes from being able to leave all ego behind, and start again if things are not going as planned. A year ago I was frustrated with the direction my business was taking. I had put so much into making clothes, but was finding it very difficult to go where I wanted to go with the collection. Inside my head there was always a business woman repeating herself that the business had to be more than a craft. That’s when I told myself something needed to change; it wasn’t easy to hear that, but If I wanted success, things needed to change.

What did I love about fashion? I loved styling, in fact my first internship at Ralph Lauren was solely based on styling for magazines, and I absolutely loved to pick the pieces and then see them in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar… I’m actually good at reading someone’s style and body type and choosing what’s the best fit/look for them. However, I hated that extreme trendy and label-loving perspective of fashion. I don’t own things I don’t love, and fashion has always been to me a way to express what I feel more than a way to show off brands. I’m not the kind of girl who buys labels desperately, I curate my closet for pieces that drive me crazy and show my own spirit. I also hated the production part of my business, because as a creative, translating designs into life was very hard for me. I no longer enjoyed the process. It was time to start again.

best store under $100 by stylistsAnd I was very scared! First, the decision to actually leave my label behind and start a whole new project was extremely difficult, but it was even harder to place the first orders from designers, and understand that this was my last chance to make it right! I either get it or I’m going to be looking for a job at Starbucks very soon! I had no more money  to splurge and had to start by doing everything myself, photos, web-design, logos, descriptions, etc… I found myself working more, but enjoying every single minute spent on it, I found my heaven.

What’s Please Don’t Tell? Please Don’t Tell Shop (Don’t EVER forget the shop in the link, otherwise you’ll be redirected to a porn site ha-ha) is a store curated by stylists. We choose pieces that have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, and we style them in different ways. All of our pieces are not expensive (under $100), and are perfect for girls who are not label crazy. Our PDTGIRLS know their style and they rather buy things that compliment them, not define them. The store offers ideas for outfits, paired with things from other stores that we love, we compliment outfits and we do it with the best pieces found out there. We curate the space for you so you don’t have to browse like crazy all around, we pick the best quality, fabrics, fit, and design, and we give it to you ready to wear.

What’s in a name? When someone would ask me about a piece I was wearing I would jump and tell them it was an amazing find (most of my closet is full of finds) I loved seeing the surprise in people’s faces, how can something that looks this good can also be so inexpensive? So H would always say: “why do you jump to tell people you found this on sale, or at that store? You don’t have to tell, just say thank you!” Well, I loved sharing my style secrets! Off course my store was named Please Don’t Tell; Tell me the last time someone said: “please don’t tell” and you actually didn’t feel the urge to tell your friends about it? Please Don’t Tell is so great you’ll want to keep it a secret, but can’t help yourself from sharing it with your closest stylish friends. Sort of like a secret society of girls who know how to dress.

b day party blog carolina benoit store colorful baloons colorful necklace please don't tellWhere do I want to see PDTSHOP soon? Off course I want to see it grow! I want to make it an online destination for unique girls looking for stylish pieces and I want to make it more about style than trend. Today more than in the past, we are exposed with so much information that we tend to lose our style! And icons are born from unique styles! We can’t go copying every single trend on the street, we’ll end up looking like carbon copies of each other. That’s why I want Please Don’t Tell to curate for those unique girls that actually style our pieces in special ways! I also want to open a nice studio and be able to offer the styling directly to consumers. Most importantly I want to keep dreaming with it for bigger goals, the best part of achieving your dreams is the process, when you are breaking your head trying to find ways to make it successful, I always want to feel that.

blog party and giveaway!The biggest lesson I learned this past year? I learned the power of friendships. I always loved to help my friends, and I cherish those friendships with all my heart. I might not be the most kissy and letter writing type, I’m not sending gifts all the time, but I have made extra efforts to give everything to my friends when they need me. In return I have received great gifts. My friends have helped me with promoting my business, creating photo-shoots, modeling my clothes, creating PR plans, or given me advice. They have been an essential part of my business without knowing. There is never jealousy or feelings of competition, we are pushing each other together to achieve our big goals, we are promoters of our dreams.  best miami store for under 100 by carolina benoitAt last, I have to personally thank you for supporting my business. Every one of you who has bought even a little something at Please Don’t Tell, or who comments, give me feedback, or simply follow and like my work, are helping me get closer and closer to my making my dreams come true! Thank you! It has been a wonderful year!

A special thank you to Valerie Lopez from Devlopz for helping me create this very special photo-shoot and most of the photo-shoots for please don’t tell this past year. Also, you can find my necklace by clicking here

Remember we still have our giveaway going on! Don’t miss it! With $100 at Please Don’t Tell you can get your hands on many things! You can enter the giveaway below:

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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 1 – $100 Giveaway!

Please Don't Tell Shop Birthday party { I wore a Please Don’t Tell Top & Skirt -Sorry sold out- and a pearl necklace from PDT} Photo by Devlopz

Happy B-day to Please Don’t Tell!

I’m so excited about this week!!! We are hosting different surprises for you every day for our one year anniversary party. Today’s surprise is our $100 gift-card giveaway to a lucky follower! (The winner will be announced on Sunday)

Stay tuned for more surprises all week and please share with your friends! They deserve to know about Please Don’t Tell even though we are sort of secret society of stylish girls! Wink Wink *

To enter the giveaway simply follow the details below :)

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{ Business Girl Crush } Valerie From Shoot My Travel


Miami vintage style hotelAbout a year ago I broke the rule my mom used to repeat over and over to me “don’t talk to strangers” I even broke a bigger rule: “Don’t ever meet with someone from the world-wide web!”- When I did, one of my biggest and more creative friendships was born! I was strolling through Instagram, desperately thinking my Fall collection was almost ready and my photographer had suddenly quit! Then I came across a profile with cool and romantic photography, just what I was looking for! She was my neighbor, I invited her over for tea and a chat and the rest is history. You have heard me say a million times “photos by Devlopz” well, this is the girl behind most photos on my blog. I have a business girl crush with her latest project, which I find fascinating: Shoot My Travel. This time I can proudly say: Photos by me!

Shoot My Travel Valerie Lopez

 Carolina Benoit: I feel a little weird interviewing one of mt closest friends and co/workers, but let’s start with the simplest questions, tell me a little about shoot my travel:

Valerie Lopez: Shoot my Travel is a one of a kind travel service. We are a growing collective of photographers around the world that will document your travel experience. When people travel it’s likely that they bring along their camera to document all parts of their trip: where they go, what they see, what they eat, etc, however, most of the time the they are missing quality images of themselves on a one of a kind vacation! Couples end up with  “just him” or “just her” photos, and all those boring selfies! Families can never get a good picture of the entire group. Asking strangers to take the photos ends up being annoying and the pictures come up plain or bad quality.

This is where we come in handy. We will be there to take you to the best local places and shoot the pictures that you want. I like to think of us as an invisible entity who is documenting your experiences silently and then go away. We also make sure you book the experience with the best photographer in the area.

CB: I can completely relate to that! I went to Japan on my Honey moon and don’t have a lot of photos with my husband, plus I would have loved professional photos that I could print! What inspired you to create shoot my travel?

VL: The passion for doing what I love and the lack of platforms/jobs that support, understand and value photography. I also love to travel, so I wanted to find a way to join both passions together,

CB: Any challenges before taking the leap?

VL: Fear is the biggest challenge. Fear to fail, to make mistakes and of course, not to make enough money.

Photographer miami lilac skirt pastels romantic shootmiami blogger best miami blogger carolina benoitCB: How do you dream to see “shoot my travel” in a couple of years?

VL: We dream to see it as a huge network of talented and passionate photographers that help travelers create and share unforgettable memories.

please don't tell fashion shootvalerie lopez shoot my travel please don't tell shop

{Valerie Wears Lilac Skirt, Sequined Cropped Top}

CB: Any tips for women who want to have their own businesses?

VL: Believe in your ideas, trust your intuition and take action.

CB: I love how creative is the idea of Shoot My Travel, how did you come up with it?

VL: I think the idea has always been present. Camilo Rojas, the other half of Shoot My Travel and I, love to travel. We have lots of playful pictures of each other of our trips but hardly any together. Over a year ago we traveled to Europe and decided we needed to take action and build a platform that would allow us to create valuable photo memories, share our passion and fund more adventures. We ran a couple of experiments with other travelers in our trip and saw the power of what we wanted to do. When we came back home we started to develop it.

Miami Blogger Carolina Benoit Business Girl CrushCB: Any business girl crush of your own?

I have many!  But the most inspiring are Cindy Sherman and the girl behind Please Don’t Tell Shop.  

*** I blush a little!***

8. Who is your hero in real life?

I was raised in matriarchal family of strong, powerful and outspoken Latin women. All of them successful in doing what they love. They are my heroes, from my grandma to my little sister.

Checkered Neon Pink Dress A Line Please Don't Tell Shop

JOA Pink aline dress IMG_9130Please Don't tell shopCB: A Tip for a photographer or artist?

VL: Dreams are built, they don’t just magically happen. Do more projects out of your own initiative. Believe in your work, and above all, be humble!

CB: The best part of having your own business?

VL: The drive to wake up everyday to work on my dreams and continue making them a reality. Oh! and wearing whatever I want.traveler shoot my travel valerie lopez IMG_9144 copy

{Valerie Wears: Pink Checkered Dress, Prada Shoes}

Miami Calle 8 Floral Dress Please Don't TellCB: The hardest part of being your own boss?

VL: Time management

CB:  Now for the fun part! Describe your personal style

VL: My style is inspired by traveling so I have no rules.

Miami Fruit Calle 8 { Valerie Wears Garden Maxi Dress}

CB: Favorite pieces from PDT that you would wear to the job?

VL: Candy crush dress, Plum darling pants and theOrganza sweater with flower details.

CB: Any last thoughts on Shoot My Travel?

VL: We are looking for passionate photographers that love to travel and share their knowledge, join our venture!


I invite you to check out www.shootmytravel.com and follow them on Facebook + Instagram. I’ll be using them on my future trips for sure!


{ Color Crush } Dark Plum

Carolina Benoit Blog Plum Color Crush{Faux Fur Plum Bag Click Here, Dark Plum Lips Click Here, Velvet Loafers Click Here, Please Don’t Tell Plum Pants Click Here }

My latest color crush? Plum! After this extremely hot and humid Miami summer I feel like it’s time to finally start prepping my Fall looks! I specially love the mystery and dept of the dark plum color, paired with textures and prints, like velvet, fur or florals! For beauty? I like the matte Mac deep purple shown here, specially against a pale skin and naked eye. Ahhh! I can’t wait for summer to be over!

Any color crushes of your own?

Happy Weekend!

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My Natural Beauty Fix

Natural Beauty honey facial olive oil moisturizer Searching for natural products that I can apply directly on my belly, closest to where my baby is, has been a challenge. Add to that my raging hormones which made my skin dry in a matter of weeks and you have a recipe for disaster! I have been looking for natural ways to moisture my skin without breaking the bank (many of the best body lotions cost an average of $50, and don’t last much) and that at the same time wont harm the baby, and found few that I would use. So I decided why not make my own out of my favorite ingredients? These are two skin saviors:

- Magic Skin Moisturizer: 1 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of honey – before applying anything in the morning I give myself a massage of olive oil and honey. I know it’s sticky and it’s messy, plus if you are having trouble with nausea the smell of the olive oil can be annoying, but I have to tell you that it has been by far the best anti-stretch mark medicine. I gained weight quickly, specially on my hips, and breast, and so far, not one stretch mark! Plus, hormones make your skin crazy dry, but applying this every morning (yes even to my face) has really helped me keep my skin glowing.

- Full Body Facial: 1 cup of honey, 1 cup of brown sugar – I used to do this all the time when I was a teenager, some people like to add lemon, but I’m not a fan, since my skin is really pale, it can make it even paler. I do this once a week as a polish before the weekend and it leaves my skin soft and feeling like new!

What are your favorite home-made recipes?


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{ Outfit Of The Day } Green Maxi Skirt

Please Don't TelL White Top

{ Please Don’t Tell Chiffon Checkered Top, Zara Maxi Skirt, Zara Bag, J.Crew Necklace}

It has been really hard to find my new pregnant style! I really don’t want to go down the road of maternity clothes, not only they are super expensive, I feel they are not fashionable at all! I have tried different things, and found that the best pieces are loose, comfy and a little forgiving on my new figure! Off course with every passing day I have realized that dressing this way is getting harder and harder and I have to confess that I really don’t feel like myself. That’s the power of clothes, they can bring up the best in you… but whatever, I’m not giving up, I’m certain that with a little shopping I’ll find pieces that I absolutely adore and that make me feel like myself again, even if my body is changing at a very fast rate!

J crew birds necklace white top please dont tellStyle the bumpAll photos by DEVLOPZ


Shana Tova – Honey Cake Recipe

Jewish new year - Honey Cake Recipe

Today we start again! A fresh new beginning, our very own reset button. Every year I’m so excited for Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year), my favorite holiday, full of sweetness and excitement and a great date to think about all the things you want to get right, or all the ways you want to better yourself.

This year I have many goals and dreams that I want to accomplish, personal and work-related, but what I like to keep in mind is that the best way to help the world is to spread kindness and love on an personal level. This is easier said than done, but with this new year we have the opportunity to start again being more mindful of our actions. Consider every small act, a pebble in a pond which can have ripple effects, your actions matter :) Let’s keep that in mind this year and try to fix this world, which needs a lot of repairing!

I also want to share with you my Shul’s honey cake recipe! So easy to do -even for someone like me- and absolutely delicious (you’ll have to cheat a little on your diet, since there is no light way to do this delicious cake) I recommend refrigerating the cake if you are not going to eat it on the same day, and warm whatever you want to eat in the microwave, paired with honey! YUM!

I made the recipe into a picture which you can easily save on your smartphone, so feel free to copy it below:

carolina benoit honey cake recipe easy to make

Shana Tova!

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