How I Survived Morning Sickness

mother of dragons t shirt pregnancy style the bumpI wore: Mother of dragons T-shirt, Maison Scotch Denim Jacket, Please Don’t Tell Skirt, J.Crew Panama Hat & Cole Haan Leather bag.

The excitement of my pregnancy was soon followed by a sick feeling which I can only describe as a constant hangover after a night of drinking (minus the fun part). I had the full intention to have a healthy pregnancy, but that sick feeling left me with a constant need to eat unhealthily and with few energy to exercise. I quickly decided it was time to find solutions to my problem, take a look at what worked for me, what didn’t and my final tips to survive morning sickness:

time for teaI found my bliss in Shanti Bars and peppermint tea.

The first thing I tried were Preggy Pops, only to learn later on that pregnancy slows your production of insulin, so eating anything with high sugar content can make you feel nauseous and tired. Also, they don’t add any nutritional value to your pregnancy, so it doesn’t make much sense to eat them at all.

Ohhhh the myth of the soda crackers! These do not help at all, in fact, something similar to eating the Preggy Pops happens to your body when you eat them: Your body quickly turns them into sugar, leaving you sluggish and with that sick hangover feeling all over again!

My lifesavers were Shanti Bars! Not only do they provide good nutrition for you and your baby, they actually work because they offer exactly what your body needs: protein! One of my friends recommended the bars, which are especially designed to reduce nausea. I instantly fell in love with the ginger and blueberry flavor. The bars don’t have a strong smell and what I loved the most is that they have Calcium, a good fiber content, no soy, and no artificial sweeteners!

Keeping what worked and what didn’t in mind, these are my 5 tips on how to survive the feared first trimester:stop morning sickness with Shanti Bars

#1: Avoid all food with high sugar content in the morning (this includes fruits like mango and orange).

#2: Keyword is SMALL! Tiny meals throughout the day vs. a big meal make a huge difference. You can start with eggs and an Ezequiel toast in the morning then, for a snack, a Shanti Bar with peppermint tea. Continue to eat small throughout the day and remember that even if you are hungry, a huge lunch will instantly make you feel sluggish and sick.

#3: Buy kids’ toothpaste with bubblegum flavor. This should solve the nausea that comes with the strong minty smell and taste of regular toothpaste.

#4: I replaced all my household cleaning products for Method brand products. They are natural, smell great, never make me sick, and are therefore safe for my baby.

#5: Create a lunchbox for when you are not at home. I usually  packed some cheese, water, a banana or green apple, almonds, and a Shanti Bar.

I hope these tips can help any of you having trouble with nausea and morning sickness. I know everyone tells you to enjoy your pregnancy, but it is especially hard when you are feeling so sick! Hopefully, if you are like me, by the 4th month it will go away and you will be able to live normally again!

Ps. As a little gift, Shanti Bars has agreed to give us a discount code for a 20%off at their online store: please20. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and share this information with your pregnant friends, I guarantee it will be very helpful!


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Please Don’t Tell Shop Lookbook


I’m so excited to share one of our first look-books for This beauty was shot by Simply Lively, and it’s inspired by a romantic resort getaway, a story of calmness and a relaxed fall. Hope you gather some inspiration for the holidays!

JOA Checkered skirt Upcoming designerplease dont tell shop upcoming online storeTartan Midi skirt $69.99Lace dress by darling please don't tell shop carolina benoitDarling Tunic $64.00 miami upcoming online store by carolina benoit fall lookbookJoa cropped top $45.00 + Leather Midi skirt $88.00fall lookbook by please don't tell shopLace Pencil Skirt $55.00

All photos by Simply Lively

Hats by grayfox Hats

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A Look Back At My Second Trimester

Pregnant 27 Weeks third trimesterDo I look happy? I am! Very happy, somewhat at peace and very much in love.

I have taken pregnancy very lightly (except for the first trimester, seriously, I’m never going to forget that hardcore and sick feeling!) I basically just floated through the second trimester like nothing was happening to me. When I first became pregnant, I was bombarded with information, from pregnancy books, nursery ideas, even ads on my Facebook (how does Facebook know?) and as soon as my friends found out, advice came pouring in. From the moms it was all: “don’t eat that” or “did you ask your doctor this and this” and from the single ones it was more like: “you have to keep your husband happy” “don’t let the baby sleep on the bed” “never stop having sex” (You can tell that my single friends are a little crazier) But the more advice I received and the more I read, I realized that some things were a little contradicting, and that I needed to focus on facts. Based on facts and not myths or maybes here are my pregnancy vices and what I’m actually doing: (Please talk to your doctor, this is what I’m doing based on my research, but it does not mean it might be right for you)

- Coffee: From 9:00am to 11:00am I drink 3 cups of Colombian coffee, with no sugar, and no milk, black. There is no proof that coffee is bad for you, in fact, many of the studies that tell you to avoid coffee are flawed and not really conclusive. I avoided big quantities of coffee during my first trimester simply because I was sick, but I did drink cappuccino, ate chocolate and even drank Colombian hot chocolate, which has caffeine in it. My family has always been big coffee drinkers and all of us drank coffee during pregnancy (my mom started giving me coffee at 6 when so I didn’t fall asleep in school). So far, the baby is perfectly fine and the doctor didn’t advice against my vice.

- Raw Fish: I occasionally indulge in sushi or ceviche. I don’t eat any shellfish (our kosher diet does not permit it and it is very high in mercury) but I do indulge in low mercury fresh fish. The danger with raw fish is intoxication. If you intoxicate while pregnant, one, is going to be very uncomfortable and two, you might face dehydration, as long as you are eating from a good place (no seven11 or shady corner place) why would this happen? It would be very rare. I avoid high-mercury fish because it does lower your baby’s IQ. And the only kosher fish that I know is high in mercury is tuna, so that’s the only fish I avoid.

- On drinking wine or any alcohol: My mantra during pregnancy is drink like an Italian granma not a crazy college spring breaker. In other words, an occasional 1/2 – 1 glass of wine won’t harm your baby, but drinking quickly and in big quantities will. I don’t crave alcohol unless I’m having a big family dinner, but when I do drink I’m very careful to do it in moderation and very slowly accompanied by dinner and never on an empty stomach. I also want to add, I wouldn’t drink anything that has a high alcohol content, stick to wine or champagne.

What I avoided at all costs:

– Turkey & deli style meats: Very high incidence of Listeria, which can really harm your baby.

– Sitting next to people who are smoking. Not good for you or your baby, specially since oxygen is extremely important to your baby.

– Gardening: There is a bigger chance to get Toxoplasmosis from gardening than from actual cats. Avoid it, just to be safe.

Wish me luck on my third trimester! And sorry I haven’t been posting again! We are re-modeling & moving to our new home. <3 pictures coming up!

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{10 Blogger Tips} With Carolosiphy

We asked Carol from Carolosiphy to style our new arrivals and give us 10 random tips that are significant to her. Carol is one of Miami’s upcoming bloggers, and I honestly think she is the Carrie Bradshaw (style-wise) of our city! Take a look at her outfits and her 10 amazing tips! Hope you love it!

Invitamos a Carol de Carolosiphy a style las ultimas piezas de nuestra tienda, y a darnos 10 tips de estilo. Carol es una de las bloggers mas reconocidas de Miami, y personalmente la considero la Carrie Bradshaw de nuestra ciudad. Los invito a ver sus looks, espero que les guste!

For her first outfit Carol chose our bomber quilted jacket, and paired it with a cropped top, boyfriend patched jeans and pumps. I would love this look for a Saturday brunch around the city! The red lip also boost this outfit to another level!

Para su primer look, Carol escogió nuestra chaqueta estilo bomber, junto con unos boyfriend jeans y pumps. Me encanta este look para un brunch el Sábado. La boca roja le da un toque femenino.

please dont tell carolosiphy collab Photo Oct 08, 4 10 15 PMWith the same cropped top and pumps, we completely changed the look of this outfit. Paired with our laser cut Sabine leather skirt! Love this pairing, the skirt is long and classic, but the top balances out the length!

Con el mismo cropped top y tacones, cambiamos completamente el look para la noche. Nuestra falda de cuero estilo midi es muy clásica, y el top corto le da balance a el look mas largo de la falda.  

Every girl needs a cozy fall sweater. Paired with denim is simply the best and easiest go-to piece for those days that you are lazy but don’t want to look sloppy. She completes the look with her hair pulled back, and a pair of sunnies. 

Todas necesitamos un saco cómodo de otoño. Junto con denim es la opción perfecta para esos días que estamos un poco perezosas, pero no queremos vernos desarregladas. Carol completo el look con su pelo en un ponny-tail, y un par de gafas.

Photo Oct 08, 4 43 11 PM Photo Oct 08, 4 46 34 PMOn a darker note, Carol went for our grunge top paired with skinny black denim, and a pair of Celine booties. I love this top! it’s so comfy that I’m even wearing it during my pregnancy. I usually pair it with lighter pieces, but I have to say that I love the darker take Carol gave to this piece, after all, the top’s fabric and embellishment already adds to a feminine look, so the extra edge is the perfect balance. Darker lips add a finishing touch!

Para un look mas oscuro, Carol se fue por nuestro top grunge junto con skinny jeans en negro, y un par de botas Celine. Amo este top! Es súper cómodo y lo he usado mucho durante mi embarazo. Normalmente yo me voy por piezas mucho mas románticas,  pero tengo que confesar que el look mas dark que Carol presento para esta pieza me hizo re-pensar como usarlo, después de todo, la tela y los cristales de el top ya le dan un look femenino, asi que un look un poco mas edgy le da mas balance a esta pieza.

Photo Oct 08, 5 09 47 PM We all need the cozy sweater, but a dressier option is always great to keep yourself cozy, and at the same time look more sharp! Carol chose our scalloped sweater, paired with a feminine hat and dark denim. The book-bag style purse adds a touch of fun! I love this sweater, and can’t wait to pair it with some leather pieces when the temperatures drop!

Asi como necesitamos un saco comodo, es bueno tener una opcion un poco mas vestidora! Carol se fue por nuestro scalloped sweater, junto con un sombrero femenino y un par de jeans oscuros. La maleta estilo escolar le da un toque divertido a este look. Me encanta este saco, y personalmente no veo la hora de ponérmelo con un par de pantalones de cuero cuando las temperaturas bajen aca en Miami.

Photo Oct 08, 5 28 58 PM Photo Oct 08, 5 30 07 PM For her last outfit, Carol chose a transitional piece from our Summer collection. She nailed it with a studded leather jacket! I mean, you would think that this yellow skirt is a total no-no after summer, but the perfect combination with leather makes this midi a perfect transition skirt for fall.

Para su ultimo look Carol se fue por una pieza fácil transicional de verano a otoño. Con una chaqueta de cuero el look quedo perfecto. Cualquiera de nosotros pensaríamos que esta falda amarilla no funcionaria en climas mas frios, pero verla junto a esta chaqueta me hizo pensar que es una pieza divertida para el cambio de temporadas!

Photo Oct 08, 5 53 10 PM Photo Oct 08, 5 53 28 PMAll photos by Devlopz Photography

PDT: Tell me about your awesome blog:

Carolosiphy is a personal style blog that started a little over a year ago. I began blogging at first as a hobby, out of love for writing and my passion for fashion. However, today my blog has become much more than that, it is an outlet to show who I am, but also help others find outfit inspiration through my every day looks.
10 lifestyle tips.
1. Always Accessorize / Simpre accesorios!
2. Dont forget to always use moisturizer / No olvides usar siempre crema humectante
3. Chic Outer-wear gives any outfit that extra boost / las piezas de abrigo siempre le da a tus outfits un extra-boost
4. Always keep a handy pair of sunnies / Ten siempre a la mano un par de lentes oscuros
5. Never leave the house without Advil / Nunca salgas de la casa sin advil
6. Own at least one pair of plain black pumps / Ten por lo menos un par de tacones negros
7. The perfect denim is a necessary piece in everyone’s closet / El denim es necesario en cualquier closet
8. Know your “good side” for photos / Siempe debes saber tu lado bueno en las fotos
9. Every girl needs her go-to perfect flats wether it be sneakers or ballerina flats / Siempre es bueno tener un par de flats a la mano.
10. Most importantly, always feel comfortable in your own skin, and everything else will fall into place / Sientete siempre comoda en tu propia piel.
I have to specially thank Carol for her endless patience for the scheduling of this post. I have tried to shoot with her for over 3 months, but my pregnancy’s morning sickness and sleepiness simply didn’t let me give my best, on top of it, I had to cancel a million times! Thankfully timing is always perfect, and the photos look perfect!
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Bookworm Divider DIY

DIY BOOK Divider

diy paper flower bookworm book divider DIYI have always loved book parties! And have planned one for some time, so for my upcoming book swap I decided to make bookworm dividers for my guests. I love this idea, since I really enjoy reading and usually folding the pages of my books damages them.
This is a very easy DIY, and can be done very cheaply if you have some of the materials at hand.


1. Cut 3 5″ pieces of cotton tape, and fold or knot at the middle.

2. Cut 5 paper petals, and scallop them with the Victorian scissors. Whole-punch the petals in any way you want! I did a pattern, but think book-worm, and create your own.

3. Attach the knotted cotton tapes to the stem, you can but the stem at any flower shop, don’t worry about the color, we will cover it at the end with the washi tape.

4. Attach the scalloped petals to the stem, and around the cotton tape bud. I decided to knot the petals with a piece of twine, to create less bulk around the stem.

5. Finally cut a 15″ ruffle of a different color paper. Create a ruche look, You can decide how much you want to create texture and ruffle, cut the remaining part, and close it at the end hem with the floral tape.

6. Finally cover the paper, tape and stem with washi tape. You can do different patterns, just make sure not to create too much bulk, since the stem will be the page divider.

WASHI TAPE DIY Place these on the books you are giving away, or inside a cellophane bag with some candies for your guests! And voilà! you are ready for your book swap party!

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Our $100 Gift-Card Winner!

Thank you so much for participating in our amazing B-Day week! We had so many new customers and amazing friends sharing, and sending us beautiful notes about our store! I’m so happy and plan on continuing growing Please Don’t Tell, introducing more designers, sizes, and styles!

Cropped JOA navy top for less at please dont tell shop{Photo by Simply Lively, hats by Gray Fox Hat, Top By Please Don’t Tell – Available in all sizes, Vegan Leather Skirt - Only 3 left, Model Micaela Strongoli}

We have a winner for our $100 gift-card giveaway! Congrats: Karen Hello! We have sent you an email. Should our winner not respond within 7 days we will choose a second winner at random with our rafflecopter app :)

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At last, our MAD ABOUT YOU SALE and 20% off Sale continues until 12:oo AM today. Don’t miss it! Score some great deals!

store sale at please don't tellAgain thank you so much! it was so much fun sharing with you our B-day! Have a happy weekend!


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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 4 – Refer A Friend!


please dont tell referal Today is day 4 of our B-Day Party! I know we are a secret society of stylish girls dressing with pieces under $100 but looking like a million bucks, but this secret is too good to keep it ourselves! All you have to do is Click Here, create an account, and then sharewith a friend or on Facebook and both of you receive a $15 gift-card just for spreading the love!

Also, our awesome MAD ABOUT YOU SALE is still going on, don’t miss it!  The sale ends tonight at 12 AM. Visit and fill up your cart <3 All pieces under $100 and great discounts make shopping very easy!

store sale at please don't tellLast but not least! Our $100 gift-card giveaway winner will be picked on Sunday with our raffle-copter app! Enter today, maybe you are the lucky one!

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Thank you so much for the amazing support! I’m so happy to see you all sharing our giveaway photo on Facebook/Instagram and writing beautiful things about the store! I’m even more happy helping you style your outfits and share with you the birthday (birth-week) of my business! Thank you!!!

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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 3 – Mad About You SALE

store sale at please don't tellThe celebration continues! Today is our MAD ABOUT YOU SALE!
$25 OFF When you spend $100………………… code 25for100
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Visit the website: and shop till you drop! I hope you are loving our B-Day Party!

***Side note: I will be absent from tonight until Sunday because of the holiday, all my posts are scheduled, so please keep in mind that shipping as well as emails and comments will resume on Sunday***

Also our $100 giveaway is still going on, enter below!

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Please Don’t Tell B – Day Party Day 2 – Our Story

Happy B day to my blog! Carolina Benoit Miami Blogger and shopWhat makes you successful? To me success comes from being able to leave all ego behind, and start again if things are not going as planned. A year ago I was frustrated with the direction my business was taking. I had put so much into making clothes, but was finding it very difficult to go where I wanted to go with the collection. Inside my head there was always a business woman repeating herself that the business had to be more than a craft. That’s when I told myself something needed to change; it wasn’t easy to hear that, but If I wanted success, things needed to change.

What did I love about fashion? I loved styling, in fact my first internship at Ralph Lauren was solely based on styling for magazines, and I absolutely loved to pick the pieces and then see them in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar… I’m actually good at reading someone’s style and body type and choosing what’s the best fit/look for them. However, I hated that extreme trendy and label-loving perspective of fashion. I don’t own things I don’t love, and fashion has always been to me a way to express what I feel more than a way to show off brands. I’m not the kind of girl who buys labels desperately, I curate my closet for pieces that drive me crazy and show my own spirit. I also hated the production part of my business, because as a creative, translating designs into life was very hard for me. I no longer enjoyed the process. It was time to start again.

best store under $100 by stylistsAnd I was very scared! First, the decision to actually leave my label behind and start a whole new project was extremely difficult, but it was even harder to place the first orders from designers, and understand that this was my last chance to make it right! I either get it or I’m going to be looking for a job at Starbucks very soon! I had no more money  to splurge and had to start by doing everything myself, photos, web-design, logos, descriptions, etc… I found myself working more, but enjoying every single minute spent on it, I found my heaven.

What’s Please Don’t Tell? Please Don’t Tell Shop (Don’t EVER forget the shop in the link, otherwise you’ll be redirected to a porn site ha-ha) is a store curated by stylists. We choose pieces that have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, and we style them in different ways. All of our pieces are not expensive (under $100), and are perfect for girls who are not label crazy. Our PDTGIRLS know their style and they rather buy things that compliment them, not define them. The store offers ideas for outfits, paired with things from other stores that we love, we compliment outfits and we do it with the best pieces found out there. We curate the space for you so you don’t have to browse like crazy all around, we pick the best quality, fabrics, fit, and design, and we give it to you ready to wear.

What’s in a name? When someone would ask me about a piece I was wearing I would jump and tell them it was an amazing find (most of my closet is full of finds) I loved seeing the surprise in people’s faces, how can something that looks this good can also be so inexpensive? So H would always say: “why do you jump to tell people you found this on sale, or at that store? You don’t have to tell, just say thank you!” Well, I loved sharing my style secrets! Off course my store was named Please Don’t Tell; Tell me the last time someone said: “please don’t tell” and you actually didn’t feel the urge to tell your friends about it? Please Don’t Tell is so great you’ll want to keep it a secret, but can’t help yourself from sharing it with your closest stylish friends. Sort of like a secret society of girls who know how to dress.

b day party blog carolina benoit store colorful baloons colorful necklace please don't tellWhere do I want to see PDTSHOP soon? Off course I want to see it grow! I want to make it an online destination for unique girls looking for stylish pieces and I want to make it more about style than trend. Today more than in the past, we are exposed with so much information that we tend to lose our style! And icons are born from unique styles! We can’t go copying every single trend on the street, we’ll end up looking like carbon copies of each other. That’s why I want Please Don’t Tell to curate for those unique girls that actually style our pieces in special ways! I also want to open a nice studio and be able to offer the styling directly to consumers. Most importantly I want to keep dreaming with it for bigger goals, the best part of achieving your dreams is the process, when you are breaking your head trying to find ways to make it successful, I always want to feel that.

blog party and giveaway!The biggest lesson I learned this past year? I learned the power of friendships. I always loved to help my friends, and I cherish those friendships with all my heart. I might not be the most kissy and letter writing type, I’m not sending gifts all the time, but I have made extra efforts to give everything to my friends when they need me. In return I have received great gifts. My friends have helped me with promoting my business, creating photo-shoots, modeling my clothes, creating PR plans, or given me advice. They have been an essential part of my business without knowing. There is never jealousy or feelings of competition, we are pushing each other together to achieve our big goals, we are promoters of our dreams.  best miami store for under 100 by carolina benoitAt last, I have to personally thank you for supporting my business. Every one of you who has bought even a little something at Please Don’t Tell, or who comments, give me feedback, or simply follow and like my work, are helping me get closer and closer to my making my dreams come true! Thank you! It has been a wonderful year!

A special thank you to Valerie Lopez from Devlopz for helping me create this very special photo-shoot and most of the photo-shoots for please don’t tell this past year. Also, you can find my necklace by clicking here

Remember we still have our giveaway going on! Don’t miss it! With $100 at Please Don’t Tell you can get your hands on many things! You can enter the giveaway below:

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Please Don’t Tell B-Day Party Day 1 – $100 Giveaway!

Please Don't Tell Shop Birthday party { I wore a Please Don’t Tell Top & Skirt -Sorry sold out- and a pearl necklace from PDT} Photo by Devlopz

Happy B-day to Please Don’t Tell!

I’m so excited about this week!!! We are hosting different surprises for you every day for our one year anniversary party. Today’s surprise is our $100 gift-card giveaway to a lucky follower! (The winner will be announced on Sunday)

Stay tuned for more surprises all week and please share with your friends! They deserve to know about Please Don’t Tell even though we are sort of secret society of stylish girls! Wink Wink *

To enter the giveaway simply follow the details below :)

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