Small Milestone – Free Leather Clutch

I was so happy to see that my Facebook page reached it’s 2K milestone! To celebrate it, I promised a giveaway at both of my Facebook pages (PDT SHOP and CAROLINA BENOIT) and blog. I am giving away 3 leather clutches from my Lola collection to our next 3 customers at (use the code FREECLUTCH at checkout), plus an extra clutch to our lucky #1000 follower on Instagram!

Free Carolina Benoit Bag

Free Carolina Benoit Bag

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Take Me To Paris, Or Not, Take Me To Miami

That's Darling Carolina Benoit Romantic Fashion Bloggerthats darling carolina benoit fashion bloggercarolina benoit carousel carolina benoit fashion blogger carolina benoit fashion blogger romantic carolina benoit miami fashion blogger best blogmidi modest fashion tulle carolina benoitvlopz carolina benoitfashion blogger I wore: Brocade midi skirt from Please Don’t Tell Shop, Prada Shoes, Anthropologie Hat and the Naomi Shirt By Please Don’t Tell Shop.


I have dreamed about a styled photo-shoot at the Miami’s carousel for quite sometime already but never had the right outfit. Everyone had done the tulle skirt, and I wanted something romantic but totally wearable at the same time. So when I got new clothes from Please Don’t Tell I instantly knew our Brocade skirt was the perfect piece missing for my very coveted carousel shoot.



At first I thought the outfit looked a little too matronly, but after seeing the pictures, it seems so romantic and although I’m covered, there is something very feminine and sensual about this look. Since I’m short, I always go for a slimming top when wearing a full A line midi skirt. I also try to find skirts that don’t cut at the ankle, but about 4 inches below the knee.


As always, the wonderful pictures are by Vlopz, and the clothes from my online store: please don’t tell shop. Always remember to use the code FRIENDS for a 15%off at my store :)

Sending you all a lot of love and a week full of wonderful things! It’s hump day!





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Carolina Benoit Fall Collection

sophiedress4 Romantic Women's Wear for the invidivualistc bridecarolina benoit best seller 9c762a57d25a1468-carolinabenoit_fall_33 613a3ae5654b964b-carolinabenoit_fall_37 5420b74b2ef08f67-carolinabenoit_fall_340eb0bedb7bcb6f81-carolinabenoit_fall_94 b0b8c74f3e1f0198-carolinabenoit_fall_92 Carolina Benoit Fall CollectionRomantic roses crown Emerging designer colombiacarolina benoit emerging designer fall collection fashiongold lame 9 gold lame 8 carolina benoit fashion designerGown Blush Rosettes Gown blush rosettes 4 emerging designer fashion cocktail gown rosettes blush red carpetJenniferpleateddress4 jennymaxidress Jenniferpleateddress3 Jennifer pleated dress2 best seller summer backless pleated dress designerpolkadot4 polkadot3 polkadot2 carolina benoit dress polka dot backlesscarolina benoit little black dressFor some strange reason I never posted the photos from my Fall 13 collection, which was inspired in falling leaves, dry flowers and dying nature. We used textured fabrics as always, and beautiful vintage style prints that mixed with the modern sillhouettes create a very new look. Thanks to this work, I won the Miami Fashion Week emerging designer competition. I’m so excited to be back at work, creating the Holiday 2014 collection! I honestly can’t wait to show you everything, but for now- a little sneak peek: Carolina Benoit Shop (online store) will be re-opening very soon, and we will also be having a pop-up shop and show during Fashion Week on September here in Miami!

If you are interested in any of the pieces from my Fall collection contact me at: or you can stay tuned for our online store re-opening very soon :0)

A very special thank you to VLOPZ Photography and to Lauren Arboleda (model) and Adel Berman (make up)


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Miami Fashion Week Emerging Designer Of The Year – Carolina Benoit


Competition Winner 2014 Emerging Designer 2014 MFW9Miami Fashion Week Competition Winner MFW6 MFW5 Miami Fashion Week Designer Of The Year Carolina Benoit MFW10 Miami Fashion Week Carolina BenoitMiami Fashion Week Front RowMiami Fashion Week 2014 I wore: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Collection Shoes, A Tulle Snail A-line Skirt From My Own Collection (Coming Fall 14) And A Maison Scotch Blouse, Chanel Caviar Purse, And A Necklace From Please Don’t Tell Shop

I’m beyond happy and honored to be the Emerging Designer Competition Winner for Miami Fashion Week 2014. I started this journey about 2 years ago and it hasn’t been easy. After I moved from NYC to Miami, my future seemed very dark! At first I  applied to a famous sports/dance company but thank G-d I didn’t get that job – As you can tell by my label, I love to dream through fashion, wasting all those ideas on simple sports-wear? No thank you. After that failed application, I got lured by a very high paying job at a Latin TV channel. The position was for a wardrobe coordinator and I lasted only a month, if not less; The crazy hours and misogynistic nature of the producers with their nasty regards: “make it sexier!” “make it shorter” “she has to show more skin!” made me so sick I was completely miserable. I left the job because not only the hours seemed inhumane, but the thought of having my name behind a show that only saw value on the body of a woman and not her mind was unthinkable to me.

When I quit that job I was freaking scared! I had no idea what to do, how to do it or how much it cost to create a collection. I have come a long way since the days where I was sewing my own clothes, but waking up every day with a thousand challenges and actually creating solutions keeps my ADD occupied. I’m very lucky to have my family supporting me every day, there are moments when I really want to throw everything in the trash and find a real job, but they help me see the final product through their loving eyes. Whether it’s Please Don’t Tell or Carolina Benoit, both projects are succesful in their own way and I’m blessed for that.

All I have to say is thank you! I read every comment on my pictures, and I’m so thankful for you all. Every one of you who reads my blog and follows my work; some of you started following me with my first collection and still are faithful clients, thank you! This is not the last step, it is the first to many others, and believe me, I have a VERY long way to go! I hope you continue to be my supporters since it means the world to me!

Finally, a word to my fellow designers. As many of you know, I’m a big supporter of dreams. Following your heart when the final outcome is something good, brings great rewards. Don’t stop creating even if you heart is quitting. I thought my Fall collection was the last one for Carolina Benoit, but thanks to the recognition of my work by Miami Fashion Week I was re-inspired to keep going. For both of my projects, every piece of  clothing I make or hand-pick carry my heart and my dreams and although it sounds like a cliché, when you do something with your heart and passion it shows through. I hope this small success inspires you to follow your dreams and personal goals. If you fall, look closely at your mistakes and start again, there is nothing to be afraid of!

I own this small success to these 3 very special people:

- Valerie Lopez: I met Valerie through Instagram and instantly had a girl crush! Her joie de vivre is contagious. She was the first photographer to understand and translate my ideas and needs, and I’m so thankful for that.

- Lauren Arboleda: You have met Lauren on her Business Girl Crush interview, and my countless mentions.  Lauren is not only a talented chef, she is also beautiful (inside and outside) She modeled my clothes and represented them with grace and romance! And although she is no five-foot-niner she managed to look like a top model!

- My husband: This man has put up with all my tantrums, my habit of working until 12 am, he has offered to fully support me, has pushed me when I need to be motivated and has been sincere when I don’t offer my best. He also has patience when I flip the house into a studio and storage space, but most importantly, and this is a deal breaker, he has never asked me why I’m so dressed up. Wearing a cocktail tulle dress, face full of make-up and high heels to the taco place? completely normal! Perfume when I go to sleep? He is fine with that! His ability to never flinch when I dress like I’m 5 decades behind is the greatest test of love.

Oh! And a last thing! I realized I never posted the photos from my F/W 13 Collection! I will be posting them tomorrow.

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Whimsical Bamboo Forest



The bamboo forest in Kyoto is one of those places that takes your breath away; there is a certain peace in feeling completely lost in nature. I loved walking through the forest with Hen, and forcing him to take pictures for my blog (ha ha ha). The snake-path took us to a big Shinto temple decorated with hundreds of lanterns, I imagined the temple during festivals at night, romantic and whimsical.

I wore, J.Crew Booties, Mimumaxi Dress, Knitted Scarf, Banana Republic Hat And a Kimono Coat from Sisley and a vintage bag.


Biggest Sale Ever At #PDTSHOP

Most of you know that aside from the blog and my own designs I have my little baby which I absolutely LOVE ( We are almost 6 months old and I honestly can’t believe the store is growing so much and clients from all over the world are shopping here <3 It makes me so happy, specially since I am mostly focused on customer service and finding a product that is high quality but totally affordable!

To celebrate many things, I decided we will have 2 major sales during the year, The Biggest Sale Ever being one of them:

70% off on winter clothes

50% off on all jewelry

20-30% off no new summer items

Keep in mind this sale will only be going on for 4 more days ~ I really hope you love my store, and recommended to your most fashionable friends, growing my business means the world to me!

please don't tell shop by carolina benoitI also need you to wish me luck! On Friday, Miami Fashion Week will choose the winner of the 2014 Women’s Wear Upcoming Designer, and I’m one of the nominees! (I need all the luck in the world too, since the other two nominees are AMAZING designers!)

Keeping you posted, xoxo


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Neiman Marcus AOF Fashion Show

It was so cool to be invited by Tara Inc and Neiman Marcus to their AOF Fashion Show in Bal Harbor, the evening was full of beautiful people in their best looks getting inspired by the latest designer arrivals at Neiman’s. Off course I grabbed my fashion friends and my best shoes and stroke a pose on the front row!

colombianas exitosas en MiamiLeft to Right, Valerie Lopez wearing PDTSHOP’S Florar Jumper, Me wearing a statement necklace from pdtshop and our sold out vegan leather skirt, and to the far right Renata Lozano, (one of my favorite Colombian designers) wearing clothes from her own collection. Everything is better with my girl friends! front row bloggers Carolina BenoitFirst pictures by WORLD RED EYEblogger carolina benoit in miamiart of fashion fashon showtheartoffashion_13 theartoffashion_21 theartoffashion_42 theartoffashion_9 theartoffashion_8My favorite thing was the edgy styling, I really loved the crazy combinations which were completely unexpected, and great inspiration for the styling at Please Don’t Tell Shop!

A special thank you to Valerie from VLOPZ for the great photography, and to Marcela Rubiano at Tara Ink from inviting us to this glam event! I had so much fun, and it was great to actually attend a cool seamless fashion event in Miami!

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Kyoto Is The Paris Of Asia

There is a certain magic in the past. Something about it makes us nostalgic and sad, but at the same time feel wonder and love. Kyoto evokes all these feelings, and at the same time it can surprise you in crazy ways every day. To me, it is the Paris of Asia, the romance, traditions and beauty made me feel that it is truly one of the few places in the world that can still surprise you with its past. Kyoto Poem- A geisha girl at the mall.

Japanese roomEverything in Japan is beautiful, delicate and simple. I loved the combinations of traditional fabrics behind our bed.

shimbashi street travelOne of the most beautiful streets in Asia is Shimbashi near the Geisha district. Unfortunately because of the weather I couldn’t really see Geishas walking the streets, but I did see them through a window entertaining customers (creepy me) Their beautiful make up and glamour shinning, taking me back to the past. I don’t have pictures of that moment, but I have to say that the beauty of Shimbashi is beyond that of any street I have walked in my life. I wish the pictures could do justice to this place, but it was late at night, so you will have to visit the street someday!

Palace made of gold kyotoreal geishasGeishas walking in the Geisha district.

clubmaster sunglassesjapan travel blogger carolina benoit modestjapan pictures travel bloggertravel blogger carolina benoir fashion colors of japan, japan fashion bloggerI wore my favorite Gap coat, a scarf knitted by my grandmother, mimumaxi skirt/leggings in black, a Sisley hat and Banana republic booties. 

I miss Japan so much! I would go again in a second – if it weren’t for the long airplane trip which makes me so anxious! The last picture has a special significance, during my whole trip I was enchanted by the strings of paper cranes hanging from temples and some businesses, and when I finally visited Hiroshima I learned the reason these cranes have such a special significance to the Japanese, to make the long story short, they believe that if you fold 1000 paper cranes a wish will come true, so start folding!


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Business Girl Crush: Evelyn from Mindful Mamas

It’s official! Our business girls crush section will be a monthly event! And I’m excited to show you all the beautiful women who will be part of this inspiring section during the coming months! Every time I meet a woman who, like me, has the courage of creating her own business I’m inspired! This section is for you to be inspired, get ideas and reach for higher dreams, whether you are going for a better position at your job, or someday being your own boss!

Our April edition is all about a beautiful woman called Evelyn Brill, her project: Mindful Mamas. It’s the first time we have a therapist (small pause here, Evelyn is a licensed mental health counselor, and has mainly worked with children & parents) on our BGC section, but let me tell you, this girl is not your average therapist – she created Mindful Mamas, a support network for moms. Eve’s approach is all about providing moms with the right parenting tools for what she calls “mindful parenting” – Actually, I’ll let Eve tell you in her own words all about her program and what inspired her to be her own boss:

Vintage style photoshoot

- Carolina Benoit: Tell me about Mindful Mamas…

Evelyn Brill: Mindful MAMAS is a support network for  the most important (& most challenging) job in the world: MAMAhood.  My program provides Mamas of little ones (ages 0-5) with interactive & educational support groups based on principles of positive, “mindful” parenting.  Mommies gather in groups to learn about healthy parenting practices & child development, while they bond over their own mamahood experiences. Each group session has different topics that help Mamas explore their roles, their understanding of their kids, and how to combine these two to raise one seriously awesome human being (while going insane as little as possible along the way)!  The main focus of Mindful Mamas’ approach is to nurture and strengthen the relationship bond between Mama and her child.

- CB: What inspired you to open your own business?

EB: I was traumatized about having a boss like Bill Lumbergh (movie: Office Space). That’s when I first decided I needed to be my boss. My mind is constantly filled with ideas, and I knew that having my business was going to be like having a blank canvas on which I could venture out and chase after the ones I feel passionate about. I’ve also had tons of support from my amazing husband & family. Having my business means endless possibilities, but it also means that I’m responsible to make them happen (partly terrifying and partly exhilarating).

Evelyn Brill on Carolina Benoit Blog wearing please don't tell

 Eve wears shorts, top and necklace from Please Don’t Tell Shop,

- CB: Any challenges before taking the leap?

EB: The biggest challenge has been stepping outside my comfort zone and trusting that I am “ready”… I am comfortable in the “getting ready” zone!businessgirlcrush1

wearing please don't tell shop in floral jumper and green shirtEve wears a top of her own, and a floral neon jumper by Please Don’t Tell Shop

- CB: How do you dream to see “mindful Mamas” in a couple of years?

EB: My dream is to open an entire integrative center for Mamas. I also love nutrition and health, so I want to find a way to integrate both passions – Keep your tabs on Mindful Mamas!

- CB: Any tips for women who want to have their own businesses?

EB: It’s a challenge to have it all – And mostly a myth, in my opinion. The key is to stay mindful of your situation and strive to create balance in your life. Starting a business is very exciting, but it’s very easy to lose yourself along the way. Make time for YOU. Go to that booty sculpting class, get a manicure, drink fine wine (or cheap tequila), dine with friends and most importantly, make time for your loved ones. Finding a perfect balance is nearly impossible, but the good news is, each days you have 1,440 minutes to do it all over again!

Eve, you nailed it! It is easy to get lost while working on your own business! Sometimes I catch myself working crazy hours, and not having time for anyone, including myself! Finding the time and balance is necessary to keep a healthy and creative mind!

miami bay yatch girl gorgeousEvelyn mendall brill wearing carolina benoit please don't tell shop in Miami bayEve wears our beautiful Japanese garden pants shoes of her own, and the Naomi Shirt by Please Don’t Tell Shop

- CB: What characteristic in children inspire you?

EB: They are brutally honest and have no filters! They call it as they see it, no bullshit. Period.

fashion blog carolina benoit

- CB: Any business girl crush of your own?

EB: Jessica Alba. Both regular girl crush and business girl crush. She launched The Honest Co. and I love anything it stand for.

- CB: Who is your hero in real life?

EB: I know this might sound cliché, but my grandparents are my heroes. They came from very humble upbringings, endured plenty of hardships and still managed to become rock stars in every aspect of life. They built everything I stand for today. But I have tons of heroes. Anyone who dedicates time to better humanity is my hero. Thankfully, that list is way to long to write. Anyone who has to fight to live is also my hero, unfortunately, that list is also too long to write.

miami photoshoot miami blogger

- CB: A tip for a new mom?

EB: You are going to “mess up“. A lot. And although you might freak out about that, I can tell you that those “mess-ups” are an important part of the journey for both you and your little one. Focus on building a strong connection and relationship bond with your newbie through reading their cues and responding to them as best you can. Also, make sure you set up your village to help you out! (You’d be surprised at how long you can go without showering or eating).

- CB: Now for the designer in me, why did you choose and elephant for your logo? I love elephants!

EB: Elephants have always had a special place in my heart. Their nurturing & protective nature makes them so in-tuned to their kin, which really connects with Mindful Mamas. Most importantly, they are matriarchs, and well… as we all know, girls run the world!

- CB: The best part of having your own business?

EB: Infinite coffee breaks

- CB The hardest part of being your own boss?

EB: Infinite coffee breaks!

- CB Now for the fun part! Describe your personal style:

EB: Edgy and feminine with a love of prints & colors.

- CB: Any last thoughts on mindful Mamas?

EB: I created these groups because I truly believe that parents cannot get enough support when it comes to doing the toughest job in the universe! There are basic techniques that can create a certain emotional climate in the home – And that is what really matters when it comes to shaping your child. Also, taking good care of your relationship with your child, because it is what will help them develop healthy future relationships and outlooks on the world. Mamas: Stand tall! You are rock stars!

businessgirlcrush12For this last look Eve wears our Naomi Dress in black, and our gold flat face bracelet

I have to say, her work is truly inspiring, specially as May is fast approaching and we have a day to think about all the amazing things mothers do for their children! Take a moment to visit her Facebook Page , and if you are in Miami and are a mother of a little one 0-5 think about joining her program (I would definitely join if I had a baby!)

At last, I have to thank Valerie Lopez from VLOPZ, her photography gets more gorgeous every day! And the newest addition to our team: Juliana Mesa – props and artistic design (she’s the girl behind all the books, balloons and objects on our shoot)

If you think you have what it takes to be featured on our business girl crush or would like to nominate someone email me: info(at)carolinabenoit(dot)com. Thank you for reading me!

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A Tour Inside My Home

I live in a small one bedroom apartment in Miami, which is starting to feel a little like New York (high rent and very high prices). The outside of the building is very Miami, white, modern with green windows, and although I love my city, I prefer the look of NYC Brownstones and Key West homes. I wanted to create my space in an unconventional way, filled with fun details and unique pieces that are very one of a kind! I’m still working on the kitchen and my bedroom, but will post photos of those later! Take a look inside my nest -

Every room needs its focal piece, in my living room it is the savaged wood console from India that I bought at One Kings Lane. its aqua tones give the room light and a touch of fun. I don’t own a TV on the living room, so I placed a gold mirror on top of it, 3 small ceramic pastel vases, and vintage books with a Pottery Barn clock for a whimsical feel.

Shabby Chic decorLibrary decor

We are big time readers, so our bookcase was starting to look really cluttered. I decided to limit myself, and place books in a harmonious way, thinking of colors that look good together, and balanced shelves that not only hold books but also items dear to us, like my wedding hanger,  a kaleidoscope Hen got for me in Barcelona, and our engagement picture. SONY DSCTalking about details, I absolutely love vintage at home! I bought this sewing book from the 1950′s and after my dear baby sister scribbled on its cover, I discovered that the beauty of this book was inside its pages, with quirky advice and fashion sketches. Now it sits open with its most beautiful page on display. SONY DSCMy work is still not done. I’m missing something above my sofa and haven’t been able to decide on a piece. A gallery full of pictures is not for my home – small space and big furniture can make it look easily cluttered – I’m thinking a simple industrial piece or non-conventional photograph will do. I went for a very comfy sofa in denim blue, because after all, denim really goes with everything! shabby chic industrial decorMy feminine decor can really get the best of my husband who thinks our home has too much pink and fashion details, so I choose the bookcase in an industrial sharp metal and our dinning table in a deep dark wood. In the future I want to change the chairs to industrial type or colorful leather. My salt a pepper elephants are a great conversation piece, as we love to entertain around this table. fifi lapin bookFor my coffee table I went for a fun and “touch me” feel. I have a good choice of books, like “What shall I wear today” and the “Alexander McQueen” face changing book, this gives the table a dynamic feel without feeling too to decorate a coffee tablebohemian homecarolina benoit at homevintage style homehow to decorate tipsI think that your home should feel like your own, and I never buy things from only one store. I love to mix pieces, fall in love with them and make our house a reflection of ourselves! Sometimes it does feel like my personality is taking over the house, in that case I step back and let my husband take stuff out and re-decorate; designers can get a little too creative at times, like when I wanted to paint the kitchen black and use it as a chalkboard, or the time I wanted an uncomfortable duvet – it helps to have a voice of reason telling you it’s time to hang your designer hat and be practical.

Some people might love it some other will hate it, but at the end you are the one that has to sit on that sofa, eat at that table and look at that home everyday in the morning – so you better make it your own.

On a completely different note, my globe broke on a photo shoot! you can read about it on my Instagram feed; but at least I had time to write about it and take some gorgeous pictures!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my living room and dinning room! Have a happy weekend!