{ Outfit Of The Day } Green Maxi Skirt

Please Don't TelL White Top

{ Please Don’t Tell Chiffon Checkered Top, Zara Maxi Skirt, Zara Bag, J.Crew Necklace}

It has been really hard to find my new pregnant style! I really don’t want to go down the road of maternity clothes, not only they are super expensive, I feel they are not fashionable at all! I have tried different things, and found that the best pieces are loose, comfy and a little forgiving on my new figure! Off course with passing day I have realized that dressing this way is getting harder and harder and I have to confess that I really don’t feel like myself. That’s the power of clothes, they can bring up the best in you… but whatever, I’m not giving up, I’m certain that with a little shopping I’ll find pieces that I absolutely adore and that make me feel like me, even if my body is changing at a very fast rate!

J crew birds necklace white top please dont tellStyle the bumpAll photos by DEVLOPZ

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Shana Tova – Honey Cake Recipe

Jewish new year - Honey Cake Recipe

Today we start again! A fresh new beginning, our very own reset button. Every year I’m so excited for Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year), my favorite holiday, full of sweetness and excitement and a great date to think about all the things you want to get right, or all the ways you want to better yourself.

This year I have many goals and dreams that I want to accomplish, personal and work-related, but what I like to keep in mind is that the best way to help the world is to spread kindness and love on an personal level. This is easier said than done, but with this new year we have the opportunity to start again being more mindful of our actions. Consider every small act, a pebble in a pond which can have ripple effects, your actions matter :) Let’s keep that in mind this year and try to fix this world, which needs a lot of repairing!

I also want to share with you my Shul’s honey cake recipe! So easy to do -even for someone like me- and absolutely delicious (you’ll have to cheat a little on your diet, since there is no light way to do this delicious cake) I recommend refrigerating the cake if you are not going to eat it on the same day, and warm whatever you want to eat in the microwave, paired with honey! YUM!

I made the recipe into a picture which you can easily save on your smartphone, so feel free to copy it below:

carolina benoit honey cake recipe easy to make

Shana Tova!

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{ Copy This } Mira Duma’s Tartan Look For Less

Mira duma's outfit for less tartan skirt ralph lauren bag please don't tell shop carolina benoitplease don't tell shop tartan joa skirt for less I have been a little more than obsessed with Mira Duma’s personal style ever since I saw the amazing way she put together outfits while pregnant! Every single outfit she comes up with makes me dream of new ways to style my own clothes! I specially love this tartan skirt look, which she managed to turn from grunge to feminine with peep-toe shoes. Off course her pieces are completely out of my reach, but I decided that I could definitely re-create this outfit for less (without sacrificing the shoes, which I always splurge on).

Top Shop Cropped Top $66.00, Please Don’t Tell tartan skirt $65.00, H&M Leather Bag $168.00, Miu Miu Shoes $550.00 (sold out)

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{ Business Girl Crush } Simonett From Style Mafia

While spotting the latest Miami up-and-coming gals, I came across Style Mafia. Their seamless website, and gorgeous clothing had me wondering who was behind such a great store with edgy fashion picks. After a little research I found Simonett in her Miami studio, and told her she had to be my next Business Girl Crush. Take a look below at her story and some tips for women with star-ups.

carolina Benoit Busines Girl CrushCarolina Benoit: Tell me a little about Style Mafia:

Simonett: Style Mafia is a clothing brand for women who have an interest in exploring new concepts via their wardrobe and are innovate but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes. I call it affordable luxury.

business_girl_crush_style_mafiaCB: What inspired you to open your own business?

S: I started buying and re-selling clothing in 2011 when an app called Poshmark approached me to host an even for them in Miami. I became a suggested user on this app which is essentially like an Ebay for women’s fashion and accessories. After a while I started selling so much on the app that I decided to make it into a business! The shift from selling other brands to creating my own came about when my mom offered to travel to China with me to source a factory to make our own line. I came back from China with a completely different mindset than what I left with. I realized how endless the opportunities were for production out there and it really inspired me to do bigger and better things than I had ever dreamed of!

business_girl_crush_Style_Mafia2 CB: Any challenges?

S: One of my biggest challenges is sizing. Right now our biggest size is about a size 6 and we very much want to produce for women of all frame types but at the moment are finding it difficult with our Asia based factory.

CB: Where do you want to see Style Mafia in 5 years?

S: I would love to see Style Mafia carried in department stores and curated boutiques around the world!


CB: Any tips for women looking into opening their own businesses?

S: My tip is to stay focused and never give up on the dream. Persistence is key. There are so many talented people in the world but more often than not, the ones who make it are the ones that work until they have reached their goals. Also, the fashion industry is very fast and competitive, It’s important to be innovative and offer your consumer something no one else is offering.

CB: Who do you most admire?

S: I really admire people who are relentless. I’ve seen so many people do so much simply by truly having the wish to reach their dreams and stopping at nothing until reaching their goals.

businessgirlcrush_style_mafia4CB: Any Business girl crush of your own?

S: My business girl crush is Chiara Ferragni. She’s a bad ass chick.

CB: At last, any advice for our business girls?

S: My advice to any women out their looking to start their own business is to 100% believe in yourself. Know that there is no such thing as failure. If you give it your all you will succeed. Take risks!

Hope you loved this business girl crush! I was very inspired since she is also in fashion and has figured out everything at such a young age (she’s only 23) but mostly, I was inspired by the fact that her mom is a key player in her business, together they built Style Mafia, and turned it into one of the most important Miami fashion brands. That shows the importance of women supporting each other – moms teaching their girls they can be better things than princesses and daughters working hard at becoming whatever they set their heart to!

The best part: Simonett agreed to give all of our readers a 20% off discount code at her online store! Enjoy!!! CODE: BGC

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{Outfit Of The Day} Pixeled Maxi Dress

carolina benoit modest outfits{Renata Lozano Wood Sun Glasses, Gap Denim Button Down, Carolina Benoit Maxi Dress}

Since I started to dress modestly I have become a huge fan of maxi dresses, you can easily cover them up with a button down and a knot at the waist. I must confess that my usual silhouette (fitted waist) has become a little uncomfortable with my growing bump. Buying a new wardrobe has become a constant task, which I’m very happy to take on!

_MG_1442 _MG_1444 Miami Modest blogger carolina benoit baby bump style the bumpmiami style blogger modest jewish style the bumpcarolina benoit miami modest blogger jewish blog style the bump

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{ Spend Or Save } Friday

spend or save tibi leather skirt please don't tell leather a line skirtI can’t wait for the Miami winter to arrive with its chilly nights and perfect weather days! (I know the rest of the world freezes during the winter months, but here we dress up with temperatures in the 60s, feeling so happy that we can finally wear our relegated winter clothes!) One of the trends that I cannot wait to wear is the midi leather skirt! The A-line silhouette is perfect for me, and so easy to dress up/down. I love it with denim, a white shirt or even a masculine T-shirt!

For the first {spend or save} of the blog, I’m debating on the leather midis that I’m currently swooning over! The Tibi midi $1,000 or our Please Don’t Tell  laser cut for $88.00 ? The Tibi skirt is made of real leather while our version is made of vegan leather. The details are slightly different as well, while both share the same silhouette, the pleated details of the Tibi are slightly more classic than the laser cut panels of our skirt. Oh my! Decisions!

The verdict? If you a looking for a piece to keep for years and years, go for the Tibi one, although more expensive, it’s a classic. If you are the kind of girl who loves trends and prefers a more risky style go for the PDT skirt, the laser cut details add a touch of trend and the vegan leather very easy to care for.

Which would you go for? I want to hear you opinions!

For the Tibi skirt click here or for our cheaper and slightly more chic version click here

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A Look Back At My First Trimester

3 MONTHS PREGNANT SONOGRAM Pregnant after a miscarriage

I received so much support after posting the cute little video I made of the baby after my sonogram (you can watch it here: Surprise, I’m A Mom! Sorpresa, Soy Mama! ) I feel so lucky, and happy, and a little in love at the same time! But if I’m being completely honest with you all, I have to start this post by telling you that pregnancy has been a little different from what I was expecting:

I’m really really scared. I know it’s probably very strange to listen to a pregnant woman say these words since pregnant women talk about a sense of joy an bliss all the time! Off course I feel joy, (never bliss, I have been throwing up and unable to stand from my bed for 3 months!) But at the same time I’m scared. I’m scared because having a child brings a big responsibility not only with that little human’s life, but also with the world. Am I going to be able to teach my children to be good humans? Will I be able to love with all my heart someone and at the same time love myself and my husband? Will I continue to be able to work on my projects? Yes I’m scared, but I don’t think that being scared is a bad thing. I’m also petrified of labor, for someone who faints with the smallest sense of pain, (I end up VERY drugged up after a simple dentist appointment) labor seems like the hardest part.

I have found that accepting that I’m scared and anxious is a taboo. People have responded in different ways: “don’t say that, you’ll transfer those feelings to the baby!”, “Why are you scared? being pregnant is beautiful!”, “Why are you scared if you don’t have any money problems?” Well, I think that being scared is perfectly healthy, if not normal. Not being motherly since the moment you are pregnant is also normal, your motherly instinct will quick in when you are ready. For me it came in the form of a dream after a day filled with anxiety and all-day sickness (yes, morning sickness should be called all-day sickness) I dreamt with my baby, the process, and finally with him/her in my arms with a beautiful face, soft baby skin, and that so-called bliss that so many moms claim and I haven’t felt until I dreamt about him/her.

I’ll end this post by pointing you to my picture above, the one that says: “mothers are all slightly insane”. Becoming a mom, I now understand how we all are a little insane. Who in their right mind would die to drop everything and give her heart fully to another human? It shows how being a mother requires leaving all your ego behind and starting a new chapter. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be entering this chapter, and probably that’s why I’m slightly insane, and very scared.

And for a little inspiration:

- For those who are entering motherhood with me: A list of virgin cocktails, because lets face it, not being able to eat sushi should be enough to drive you off the edge, not drinking is a whole new boring deal! Click here

- For those who had a miscarriage and are trying again: Before getting pregnant I had a miscarriage. It was my first time trying and my anxious self was convinced that I had a problem and was not going to be able to have children. I was not only scared, but also extremely sad, trying to mourn for something that people didn’t understand. I found this post on TLS very hopeful, and was one of those posts that helped me start living my pregnancy without fear. Specially since I know Audrey, it was a ray of hope for a situation that neither I nor the people surrounding me understood. Click Here. I also loved this piece on why we can’t talk about miscarriage,Click Here

- For those who don’t want to be moms: I have friends who don’t want to be moms and feel strongly judged by society. They are amazing human beings, healthy, with beautiful relationships, they simply don’t want motherhood. I admire their courage and at the same time see in them many motherly things that makes them moms in their own ways, some of them have dogs or pets and love them deeply, others care strongly for other human beings and show compassion to the deepest levels, and others are dedicated to the environment in a passionate way. I loved this article by Beth Leipholtz on “otherhood” as I like to call it, I find the word “childless” too harsh to describe these amazing women! Click Here

- For those who want children and are still trying: I feel your pain. After my miscarriage I felt desperate and scared at the prospect of not knowing if I was going to be able to have children. I feel the anxiety you feel, the fear, the annoyance of having to answer the famous question: “when are you going to have children?” – seriously, why do people ask this? So invasive! I want to tell you that life is a strange journey and that we will find our path, in the meanwhile, if you need smart responses to annoying strangers I found this link really helpful: Click Here.

At last! Forgive me for not posting in 3 months! I’m back with more content and photos and exciting projects! Stay in touch!



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Peroni Funkshion Emerging Designers Fashion Show


Peroni contest emerging designer winner Carolina Benoit Finalist Blue ribbon Miami style Miami Fashion stylist and blogger Carolina Benoit Fashion blogger Colombiana en Miami Diseñadora de Modas Carolina Benoit J crew leopard shoes and cobalt blue tibi skirt Carolina Benoit Gold Necklace Miami fashion bloggers from Colombia that have amazing blogs Please Don't tell Shop JOA shorts and white backless shirt with embelishments Miami Please Don't tell Shop JOA shorts and white backless shirt with embelishmentsI was so excited to be chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the Emerging Designers Peroni Competition during Mercedes Benz Swim-week. The event brought back a lot of memories of  when I was a student at MIU, before leaving to NYC, and just graduated from High School. I remember my first fashion gig (unpaid, never glamorous and very very hard) was during this same fashion week about 6 or 7 years ago! (omg! I’m old) dressing the models backstage for one of the most important fashion events in Miami. I remember how far I seemed from actually being a designer on the runway, so the thought of having my clothes modeled by Johana Da Ru and Lacey Nelson (two of Miami’s best models) at the SLS hotel, full of glam, and a beautiful runway was definitely a dream come true!

I decided to wear a Tibi skirt, I had no time to design a skirt of my own! and J.crew leopard shoes and shirt, with an Aqua statement gold necklace, all channeling the Peroni runway off course! And I took with me many of my closest friends and family and Valerie from Vlopz to take these amazing pictures, she wore Please Don’t Tell Speckles Shorts, and grace shirt.

I’m also excited about the tulle skirts! We just relaunched the capsule collection for Peroni at our online store. You can pre-order the skirts at Please Don’t Tell :) We have 11 colors available, and you can custom make the skirt in 3 lengths! Hope you love them!

Color Tulle skirts for bridesmaids cheap tulle skirtsAs for the runway, I leave you with some photos taken by Simon Soong, directly from the runway!

Simon Soon Photos tie dye tulle skirts by Carolina Benoit Miami Fashion Blog fashion designer carolina benoit miami peroni fashion showHope you love them! And don’t forget to share with your friends :)

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Small Milestone – Free Leather Clutch

I was so happy to see that my Facebook page reached it’s 2K milestone! To celebrate it, I promised a giveaway at both of my Facebook pages (PDT SHOP and CAROLINA BENOIT) and blog. I am giving away 3 leather clutches from my Lola collection to our next 3 customers at www.pleasedonttellshop.com (use the code FREECLUTCH at checkout), plus an extra clutch to our lucky #1000 follower on Instagram!

Free Carolina Benoit Bag

Free Carolina Benoit Bag

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Take Me To Paris, Or Not, Take Me To Miami

That's Darling Carolina Benoit Romantic Fashion Bloggerthats darling carolina benoit fashion bloggercarolina benoit carousel carolina benoit fashion blogger carolina benoit fashion blogger romantic carolina benoit miami fashion blogger best blogmidi modest fashion tulle carolina benoitvlopz carolina benoitfashion blogger I wore: Brocade midi skirt from Please Don’t Tell Shop, Prada Shoes, Anthropologie Hat and the Naomi Shirt By Please Don’t Tell Shop.


I have dreamed about a styled photo-shoot at the Miami’s carousel for quite sometime already but never had the right outfit. Everyone had done the tulle skirt, and I wanted something romantic but totally wearable at the same time. So when I got new clothes from Please Don’t Tell I instantly knew our Brocade skirt was the perfect piece missing for my very coveted carousel shoot.



At first I thought the outfit looked a little too matronly, but after seeing the pictures, it seems so romantic and although I’m covered, there is something very feminine and sensual about this look. Since I’m short, I always go for a slimming top when wearing a full A line midi skirt. I also try to find skirts that don’t cut at the ankle, but about 4 inches below the knee.


As always, the wonderful pictures are by Vlopz, and the clothes from my online store: please don’t tell shop. Always remember to use the code FRIENDS for a 15%off at my store :)

Sending you all a lot of love and a week full of wonderful things! It’s hump day!





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