{ Friday Five } Aloha!

Happy Friday Everyone! I don’t know about you guys but I really can’t wait for summer! I’m dreaming of piña coladas by the pool, sand in my toes and salt in my hair… While we wait, I prepared a little weekend inspiration! Take a look at my favorite Aloha inspired things this week:

This Aloha Bridal Shower Inspiration: 100 Layer Cake – This bridal shower has me dreaming of my next poolside party!


#PDTSHOP Bonjour Pineapple Bomber Jacket: Please Don’t Tell Shop – This bomber needs a pair of denim shorts and sand on our butts!

Pineapple Chiffon Bomber Jacket


Pineapple Coconut Cocktail: Sugar and Charm A little hard to make but totally gorgeous for a small summer get together.


Pineapple Welcome Wallpaper: Anthropologie – This pineapple wall paper is perfect for Miami! 

Pineapple Welcome PaperGlitter Pine Apple Girl’s Bag: J.CREW – I can’t wait for my girl to start wearing things like this glitter pineapple bag!

0c462a1976b95c04f61c1e116adc1a79Any weekend plans? Let me know below


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Naomi’s 10th Day Of Life

The day I became a mom my life was changed. Everything from my soul to my body seemed different. Although it was hard to adjust, specially since I’m a person who appreciates freedom more than anything, I soon found myself enjoying the routine of motherhood!

Moon Art PhotoshootHer first 10 days were special to me because I stayed at my mom’s house, had a cook prepare healthy food, and was surrounded by all the women in my family: my mom, aunts and grandmother. They helped me learn everything I needed to learn so I could take Naomi home and feel secure when both of us were alone. These were 10 peaceful days before the storm hit; as many of you know, when Naomi was 2 weeks old, my father got very sick. Looking back to these moments makes me very emotional, I miss the bliss…

carolina benoit moon art photosHowever, I’m glad my mom had the idea to hire a professional photographer to shoot this beautiful day in our lives. Naomi and I were just getting to know each other, and although she was a little fussy that day, the photos truly captured all the feelings and moods of the moment.

new momAll photos by Moon Art Photography. Click Here to visit her Facebook page.

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Baby Naomi’s Nursery

Carolina Benoit Blog Nursery decorbaby nursery decor elephant Gold heart decal decor roompetit design pillow baby nursery decorunisex baby nursery decor I wanted to add some light to the blog by sharing with you pictures (long overdue) of Naomi’s nursery. You can see the inspiration board I worked with HERE, having that mood-board really helped to create a consistent look throughout the room. I strongly recommend doing a mood-board every time you plan to re-decorate :)

I hope you love it!  Naomi does, the amount of light and contrasts really makes a strong impact on her. I also recommend adding a little air freshener, my personal favorite is Baby Cottons room spray cologne, which is also safe for the baby!

Picture 1:

– Vintage Gold Mirror

Studio Mucci Tassel

– Pottery Barn Changing table (I changed the knobs for black and gold knobs, to add a more personal touch)


– Candy Bar Jars From Homegoods

Picture 2:

– Elephant Illustration By Natalia Swarz

Picture 3:

Heart Decals By Jesabi

– Pottery Barn Crib

– Restoration Hardware Bedding

Picture 4:

– Rocking Lamb From Costco

– Gold Elephant Side Table from Homegoods

– Globe from target

– Military Baby Jacket from Ralph Lauren

– Petite Design Pillow, Now available at Please Don’t Tell


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Love Conquers All

Stroke victim survivor storyThis photo summarizes everything now, our way of communicating, our love, forgiveness, family…

My heart is joyous because my first daughter was born a month ago, filling my days with non-stop love and feelings I can’t even describe, but at the same time my heart aches for my father. I know that for some people it might seem strange to share such personal feelings on my blog, but I have received a lot of support and encouraging stories from my followers, for this reason I feel obligated to share this part of my life as I have shared the happy moments. I also think that by telling you a little about this story I’m helping my father with your well wishes and a commitment to pray for his recovery.

20 days ago my father had a hemorrhagic stroke, and as many of you know he has been in an induced coma, and on a very slow road to recovery. His story is already a success one, he survived a stroke which only 50% of people survive, and later on, he survived a brain surgery which only 40% survive. When I got to the hospital the day of the accident, too late to see him conscious, my only way of communicating with him was by holding his hand and desperately talking, or more accurately, demanding him to open his eyes.

These days I leave Naomi with my mom, rush through the hospital, which has a strange cinnamon smell that I hate, enter the SICU, full of people between this world and the next, and sit by his side, talking about the snippets of life as I remember. I tell him about Naomi, the weather, my feelings, most days I didn’t receive a response, until one day I did. I held his hand as I usually do, and talked with a strong voice: “dad wake up, you are not dead, you are alive, there is still too much to see! I need you, my sister and brother need you, please forgive me for everything I have done. Open your eyes! YOU HAVE TO OPEN YOUR EYES! I miss you, please, I’m very sad” As I said this, my father moved his thumb in my hand, gently, the way he usually does when he is trying to console me.

Our brain, that machine we take for granted, that machine of this brilliant man, slowly telling him to recover, it must have taken all his strength to gently move his thumb in my hand, all his strength to make me happy for one second. His soul and the love we have given him during the past 20 days is slowly bringing him back.

I can tell you that life is divided in two parts, when you think everything is under your control, and when you realize it’s not. Before this, I felt everything had an explanation, everything was a result of my actions, now I know this is not true. The moment came when I had to get on my knees and beg to G’ to please let my father live fully again. No doctor can save him, not all the money in the world, not his fame… nothing, just G’ and the love we give him. I’m asking you all to give me and my family the gift of saying a small prayer for his recovery. He is only 56, and he hasn’t met his granddaughter. My siblings and I don’t feel ready to live without our father yet. I promise that I will share his recovery on my blog, forever thankful for your stories of hope, your prayers and concern for my father.

3 hours before his accident my father tweeted this: “Faith is a great gateway to spiritual peace”, I feel these last words were left for my siblings and I, since the 3 of us need all the faith in the world, and our faith is the only thing that brings us peace these days.


DIY Succulent Planter

succulent DIY CAROLINA BENOITCarolina benoit lifestyle blog CAROLINA BENOIT DIYSucculent DIY Carolina Benoitcarolina benoit blog best lifestyle blog4. Create a nice composition. platter DIY Succulents carolina benoit blogThis super easy DIY will be perfect for those of us who love to entertain but don’t have time to go every Friday to buy flowers, or for that matter, to care for plants! This platter is super low maintenance, cheap and looks gorgeous all year.

You’ll need:

– Succulents: These love the outdoors and don’t need a lot of water, I bought mine at Home Depot. Choose variety and create a composition based on your platter.

– A platter: Since these don’t need lots of water you can use any platter.

– Soil

– Pebbles

Follow the directions above, and get creative. I chose all green succulents, but there are many colorful ones. These also make great hostess gifts, and are longer lasting than flowers.

I would love to see your platters! Leave a photo below, or send it to us via email for a chance to get featured!


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Life Of My Life: Naomi

Naomi – 8 days old

newborn baby photos“Vida de mi vida” or life of my life, is one of those phrases you end up using everyday, like I love you, it can easily lose its meaning. Last week when my baby was born I finally understood how deep those words are. The pain of the birth, the 9 exhausting months, my body changes, and many of the worries of life after pregnancy disappeared and life took on a whole new meaning. 2 days after my anniversary, Naomi was born in Miami at 2:33AM. A healthy baby, a new life, and a part of me and my husband who immediately stole both of our hearts.

One week ago everything was so different, one year ago even more so… this new life is also creating a new life for me and my husband… new routines, a whole new perspective… everything is changing! It can be overwhelming only if you are afraid of change. But life is about changing and evolving. I can only say that the love I have felt with the birth of Naomi brought a new meaning to my inner self. Every day is now a surprise, every moment unpredictable, every second a gift.


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My Garden Baby Shower

Baby shower cake decor carolina benoit shower This weekend my mom threw me a beautiful baby shower, it was amazing because I have never felt so much love surrounding me. My mom’s idea was to have everyone bring a personal quality that they see in themselves and that they would like to pass on to the baby. Some of the words my friends wrote made me happy to be surrounded by amazing women that I truly love!

Something that was amazing as well was that when Hen and I wrote our personal quality, we both wrote “Curiosity” without knowing what the other was writing. I cried while thinking maybe soul mates do exist, and he, my friends, my mom and my family are my soul mates.

This baby is already so loved by all her honorary aunties and uncles, I couldn’t feel more at peace and happy.

baby shower decor pink girlBaby shower decor by carolina benoitbaby shower decor baby shower outfitI wore a Free People dress, pearled sandals and a Henry Bendel feather headband. pink and gold baby shower baby shower surprise Baby shower outfit carolina benoit pink and gold decorbaby shower gold and pink girl A special thank you to my mom for throwing me a beautiful and meaningful baby shower and for passing on one of her most beautiful qualities to my baby: compassion.

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{ Valentine’s Gift Guide } – Girlfriend Edition

what to buy your girl friend on valentines I know Valentine’s day can easily become the most annoying holiday of the year, but I prefer to embrace it. I’m a lover of roses, chocolates and pink, who would want to pass on these things? Also, V-day is a great day to show the special people in your life how important they are. I put together a list of 6 gifts for girls! Whether you want to wrap one of these for your bestie, or share it with your special someone so they get some ideas (wink-wink!) I Hope these inspire you! I’m already crushing over a couple of these!

1. For the Jewelry lover, Please Don’t Tell Necklace: $118

2. For the fashionista in your life, Miu Miu Sunglasses $415

3. For the hopeless romantic, Rebecca Minkoff Heart Bag $195

4. For the philantropist, Feed (red) bag, $80

5. For the bohemian, Please Don’t Tell Quartz Ring, $66

6. For the traveler, Tory Burch espadrilles, $185

Happy Valentine’s Day! What are your plans for the day of love?

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Lipstick Matching

red dress leather jacket pregnancy look for babyshowerI wore: Michael Kors Shoes, Bcbg Dress, Please Don’t Tell Vegan Leather Jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch Bags, Rayban Sunglasses.

As I mentioned before in “how I styled my belly” post, it has become increasingly difficult to dress, specially modestly, without shopping for maternity style clothes. The fit of my body is completely different, however, I discovered that wearing layers is key to looking more slim, both for pregnant women or for when we are carrying extra pounds.

This is a great outfit for a work related event, I ended up wearing it for Fashion For Breakfast in Soho House. The dress’ fit is very boxy, therefore easy to wear after delivery. Although I would have loved to dress up this outfit with heels, I have been avoiding them during pregnancy for two reasons, first, I look like a confused T-rex walking with them, and second, I really don’t want to get spider webs, or a broken heel! After all, I’m carrying 28 pounds more than my body is used to!

carolina benoit pregnancy style Pregnancy style bcbg shower outfit

For the beauty lovers, one of my designer friends suggested that this outfit would be incomplete without a matching pout! Love the perfect match between makeup and dress! It’s the exact same color and it gives the outfit a fun touch! I wore Mac Morange lipstick, and a touch of Naked blush bronzer on the cheeks! For a perfect “Miami winter” look.

miami blogger carolina benoit pregnant wearing bcbg and mac

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{Gift Guides} V-Day Bestie Edition

Under $100 Valentine's Day Gifts for your friends1. Please Don’t Tell Pastel Bees Necklace $55 (use code FRIENDS for a 15%off)

2. Amazing Grace Fragrance  $18.00

3. Sugar Paper Gold Dot Notebook $18.00

4. Triangle Gold Earrings Please Don’t Tell $14.99

5. The Little Market Rose Candle $24.00

6. Shop Ban.do mini heart clip $10.00

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, what a better way to celebrate than with our best friends? To me, they are my world, and although I’m not always gifting them or calling them, I find Valentine’s a special date to send my friends a little love! I put together this super affordable guide of gifts under $100 so you can find small things to gift your closest friends on the day of love and friendship!

Ps. Coming up, our V-day guide for couples!

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